DOJ: News Release

A Statement from Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath

HELENA – Reports out of Missoula today indicate that a person or persons broke into the home of Carla Grayson and Adrienne Neff in the early morning hours and intentionally set fire to the house while Ms. Grayson, Ms. Neff and their infant child slept.

As a law enforcement professional, it is disturbing that some among us still choose to communicate through intimidation and violence. Disagreeing with one another is one thing. Expressing that disagreement with threats and aggression is something else, something that simply will not be tolerated.

The investigation into the incidents of the last few days is ongoing. As more details emerge about the events in Missoula, I have every confidence that Missoula-area law enforcement will complete a thorough investigation and prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

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