Monthly Archives July 2003

McGrath Named Chair of Western Attorneys General Group

HELENA — Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath today was elected chair of the executive board of the Conference of Western Attorneys General at the group’s annual meeting at Park City, Utah.

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McGrath: Wage Benefits for Injured Police Officers Should Encourage Return to Work

HELENA — In an opinion released Tuesday, Attorney General Mike McGrath concluded that cities have an obligation to pay officers injured in the line of duty for an aggregate of one year. The opinion held that the one-year period may include numerous periods of disability that total one year, even if the duration of the disability has been interrupted by a return to work and extends beyond a calendar year from the date the officer was injured.

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McGrath Sues Over Energy Costs

HELENA — Attorney General Mike McGrath on Monday filed suit against several major energy companies doing business in the western U.S. The suit alleges that energy consumers in Montana were defrauded out of millions paid in excessive rates during, and since, the “energy crisis” of 2000 and 2001.

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