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Gambling Control Division: Play Smart During Tournament Time

HELENA – As the annual “March Madness” college basketball tournament approaches, the Gambling Control Division of the Montana Department of Justice is reminding Montanans who want to gamble on games to make sure they are not breaking the law.

In general, betting on sports in Montana is illegal. Certain types of sports pools are legal, however, with some specific restrictions:

  • No more than $5 may be wagered for a chance on a sports pool.
  • No sports pool prize may exceed $500.

Anyone who offers or gets anything of value through illegal gambling is guilty of a misdemeanor. If the value of the item is greater than $750, the crime is a felony.

And gambling online is illegal.

The investigation bureau of the Gambling Control Division is investigating an online gambling scheme in which people are being called at home and encouraged to make sports wagers. They are then directed to an Internet site.

“Internet gambling – of any kind – is against the law in Montana,” said GCD administrator Gene Huntington. “Montanans who use their computers to gamble risk criminal prosecution.”

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