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Board of Crime Control Awards $2.1 Million to Drug Task Forces

HELENA – Multi-agency drug task forces around the state will soon receive more than $2 million in federal Byrne grants recently approved by the Montana Board of Crime Control.

“With the rise of methamphetamine use in communities throughout Montana, the Board’s highest priority is to support law enforcement’s efforts to reduce the supply of illegal drugs,” Board of Crime Control administrator Roland Mena said. “These grant funds will also help local communities raise the public’s awareness of the serious problems drugs are creating, and provide much needed treatment to addicts.”

Beginning July 1, the state’s eight drug task forces will receive the following annual grant funding:

Task Force


Big Muddy River DTF


Northwest DTF


Missouri River DTF


West Central DTF


Southwest Montana DTF


Tri-Agency DTF


Eastern Montana DTF


Statewide DTF


In addition, the board approved grants of:

  • $32,971 to the state crime lab in Missoula to fund a chemist position. Prior to the funding of the position, turnaround time for drug cases was six months. Now it is about six weeks.
  • $346,185 to Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility to continue its substance abuse treatment program.

“Unfortunately, this year’s awards were approximately 5 percent less than what was available last year,” Mena noted. “Every one of these grants makes a real contribution to public safety in Montana by addressing the manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal drugs.”

The annual Byrne grant awards may be used for a wide range of expenses including personnel, equipment, training, technical assistance and information systems, provided their purpose is to improve the apprehension, prosecution, detention and rehabilitation of offenders who violate state and federal drug laws.

In recent years, the funds have focused on multi-jurisdictional drug task forces that have in turn focused on the state’s methamphetamine problem.

To qualify for the grants, applying agencies must include a 25 percent “cash match.” Programs have one year – from July 1, 2004 until June 30, 2005 – to implement project proposals and spend the funds.

Additional information:

  • Task forces and their territories
  • Members of the Board of Crime Control

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