Monthly Archives August 2004

Attorney General: Conservation District Authority Extends to Coal-Bed Methane Wastewater Issues

HELENA – In a formal opinion released Tuesday, Attorney General Mike McGrath held that a conservation district’s authority to implement land-use regulations includes the authority to implement regulations and requirements related to coal-bed methane wastewater operations.

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McGrath: Montana to get $7.2 Million More from Tobacco Settlement

HELENA – Attorney General Mike McGrath announced Thursday that the largest tobacco manufacturer remaining outside the tobacco settlement negotiated in 1998 has agreed to join that settlement. Vibo, which does business as General Tobacco, sells a number of cigarette brands such as Bronco, GT One, Silver and Champion to Montana consumers.

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Board of Crime Control Approves Grants of More Than $2.9 Million

HELENA – The Montana Board of Crime Control recently awarded grants worth more than $2.9 million to agencies around the state.

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