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A Statement from Attorney General Mike McGrath Opposing a Proposed Settlement Between Enron and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

HELENA – Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath Monday released the following statement about a proposed settlement between Enron and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

“The proposed settlement is a disappointing one, and it certainly does not serve the best interests of the people of the State of Montana.

In January 2005, FERC staff members testified that Enron had manipulated the wholesale energy market in 11 western states, including Montana, and had profited in the amount of $1.668 billion. It is especially ironic that the proposed settlement now seeks to deprive Montana of the opportunity to resolve its claims.

What Enron did was wrong. Consumers in Montana and throughout the Northwest deserve better.

I support full recovery for any party damaged by Enron’s actions.”

Montana filed action with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 2003, alleging companies unlawfully manipulated the markets for electricity and natural gas and defrauded Montana consumers of millions of dollars during the “energy crisis” of 2000 and 2001.

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