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McGrath Releases Statement On Sentencing Project Meth Report

HELENA – Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath released the following statement today in response to an Associated Press story on a report from the Sentencing Project.

I think these people have their heads in the sand. The report would appear to be another academic analysis that fails to accurately portray a very serious real-world problem. Many of its conclusions are clearly not based on the experiences of the people who deal with the effects of meth use every day.

While meth may not be the most serious drug problem in every major city in the East, to the rest of the country – particularly the West – it’s overwhelming. Indeed, to say methamphetamine is not a significant problem – then cite data from Phoenix showing that more than one-third of the men arrested there test positive for the drug – is absurd.

Although I commend the Sentencing Project for recommending expansion and funding of meth treatment programs, in my view, the report got it wrong. Meth is unlike other drugs, and this country has a meth problem.

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