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Motor Vehicle Division: Mail Renewal Cards Incorrect

HELENA – Officials with the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Justice said today that license plate renewal cards mailed to Montana vehicle owners incorrectly include a $5 fee.

The MVD collected the $5 “new issue” fee in 2006 to fund the redesigned state license plate. On the renewal cards, the fee is labeled “NEWISS.” It is included in a list of fees and taxes due, on the far right-hand side of the renewal card.

“That line should have been taken off the 2007 version and it was not,” said MVD administrator Dean Roberts. “It’s an unfortunate error. January is our biggest month for renewals.”

Roberts said the error has been fixed so future renewal cards will not include the fee. He estimates, however, that about 100,000 were mailed to Montana vehicle owners.

“County treasurers’ offices have been notified of the mistake and have been advised to disregard the incorrect line,” he said.

Roberts said anyone who renews his or her plates via the mail should subtract the $5 from the total due.

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