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DOJ Releases Report on Financial Cost of Meth

Study by Montana Meth Project estimates burden of methamphetamine abuse on Montana taxpayers

HELENA – Steve Bullock, Montana’s Attorney General, on Friday released a report that attempts to quantify the economic cost meth trafficking and use have on our society.

The report, The Economic Cost of Methamphetamine Use in Montana, examines the significant costs that methamphetamine abuse has on society—including addict treatment, meth lab cleanup, child and family services, corrections and crime.

“While it’s difficult to put an exact price tag on something so expansive, this report gives a good indication of the range of costs this drug imposes on Montana taxpayers,” Bullock said. “Whether it’s meth, prescription drugs, or any other substance, it’s clear that drug abuse costs our society millions of dollars a year.”

In a letter accompanying the report, Bullock commended the leadership of former Attorney General Mike McGrath for his vigilance in fighting meth abuse in Montana. McGrath, who currently serves as Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court, spearheaded the fight against meth as attorney general.

“Not long ago, methamphetamine was ravaging Montana families and communities. That’s when leaders from across the state and every walk of life banded together and dedicated time and resources to combat what threatened to become an epidemic. Mike was at the forefront of fighting meth production and addiction in Montana,” Bullock said.

The study was prepared by the Montana Meth Project in cooperation with the Department of Justice. It relies heavily on the methods and findings of the RAND Drug Policy Research Report: The Economic Cost of Methamphetamine Use in the Unites States, 2005.

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