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Computer Crimes Agent Honored As “Hands Down, One of the Finest Investigators in the Country”

HELENA – Jimmy Weg, a computer forensic examiner with the Montana Department of Justice, recently received a Meritorious Service Award from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for his exemplary work as the head of Montana’s Computer Crime Unit.

Across Montana and throughout the nation, Weg has been instrumental in the investigation and prosecution of murderers, sex offenders, scam artists, and those who possess and distribute child pornography. Weg has also played an important role in training other members of the law enforcement community in how to investigate crimes occurring online.

Attorney General Steve Bullock, the head of the Montana Department of Justice, said that Montana’s lucky to have an investigator as knowledgeable and dedicated as Weg.

“As new technology continues to be developed, computers are being used in more crimes and the Internet—while an extremely valuable tool—is becoming more dangerous. In Montana, it’s good to know that we have, hands down, one of the finest investigators in the country working for us,” Bullock said. “As the father of a two, four and seven-year-old, I sleep a little easier knowing that Jimmy’s working hard, every day, to make our communities safer.”

In a profile of Weg in this morning’s Independent Record, reporter Eve Byron notes that, “Federal prosecutors call Jimmy Weg of Helena ‘The Legend’” and “a federal court judge calls him ‘Professor Weg

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