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Bullock to Homeland Security: Montana Drivers’ Licenses Secure

Bullock to Homeland Security: Montana Drivers’ Licenses Secure

Montana’s driver licenses are among the most secure in the country and there is no reason for federal authorities to reject the documents as proper identification, Attorney General Steve Bullock wrote this week in a letter to federal authorities, adding that Montana continues to resist the federal identification card system known as Real ID.

“Montana has and always will resist federal pressure to turn our state drivers’ licenses over to a federal identification card program,” Bullock said. “Our driver’s licenses are secure; I stand by the integrity of our licensing program and they ought to pass muster for even the pickiest federal functionary.”

Bullock’s comments come in response to an impending deadline in the Real ID program: By January 15, 2013, states must show they are complying with the program. Real ID requires states to ensure their licenses are secure and issued only to residents with verifiable forms of identification.

In his letter to Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Bullock wrote that Montana has added multiple layers of security to the state’s driver license issuing protocols and there is no reason Montanans presenting a valid Montana driver’s license should have any trouble boarding a plane or entering a federal courthouse.

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