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Bullock Announces Tim Burton as New Chief of Staff

Current Helena City Manager to start mid-summer at the Department of Justice

HELENA – Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock announced Tuesday that he has hired Helena City Manager Tim Burton to become Deputy Director and Chief of Staff at the Montana Department of Justice.

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Bankruptcy Court Approves Agreement on ASARCO Hazardous Waste Sites

$100 million will fund cleanup of smelting site in East Helena

HELENA – Today the Judge in the ASARCO bankruptcy case in Corpus Christi announced that he is approving the Montana Custodial Trust Settlement, along with four other environmental settlements affecting other states and the United States. This settlement, which was signed by the State of Montana, the United States and ASARCO in March, will provide $138 million to be paid into a custodial trust to clean up industrial and mining sites in Montana that are owned by ASARCO, LLC.

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Bullock Honors Butte, Missoula Women as Crime Victim Advocates of the Year

BUTTE – At separate ceremonies in their hometowns, Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock honored two women as Montana’s Outstanding Crime Victim Advocates of the year. Bullock recognized Tanya Campbell in Missoula on Monday and Betty Mealey in Butte today.

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Wyoming Can’t Hoard Water Protected by Yellowstone River Compact

Special Master appointed by U.S. Supreme Court denies Wyoming’s attempt to dismiss suit to protect Montana water rights

HELENA – A Special Master appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed Montana’s argument that the Yellowstone River Compact protects water users in Montana from upstream users in Wyoming, Attorney General Steve Bullock said today.

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Bozeman 5th Grader Wins State Missing Children’s Poster Contest

HELENA – Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock on Friday presented the award for a statewide poster contest to Jocelyn McCullough, a fifth-grade student from Whittier School in Bozeman.

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Bullock Opposes Ruling That Could Gut Montana’s Open Meeting Law

HELENA – Attorney General Steve Bullock said Thursday that a recent court ruling that would make it easier for government officials to challenge open meeting laws should be revisited and overturned.

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Vehicle Registration Now Available Online

HELENA – Attorney General Steve Bullock on Friday announced that Montana citizens can now go online to renew their vehicle registration. Prior to the online service, citizens had to renew their vehicle registration in person at their county treasurer’s office or by mail.

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Computer Crimes Agent Honored As “Hands Down, One of the Finest Investigators in the Country”

HELENA – Jimmy Weg, a computer forensic examiner with the Montana Department of Justice, recently received a Meritorious Service Award from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for his exemplary work as the head of Montana’s Computer Crime Unit.

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Bullock: $35.2M Tobacco Check a Boon for Montana

HELENA – Attorney General Steve Bullock said Tuesday that the efforts of Department of Justice attorneys who helped negotiate the tobacco settlement a decade ago are still paying substantial dividends to Montana.

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Motor Vehicle Division to Implement New Title and Registration System

HELENA – Acting MVD administrator Brenda Nordlund said Monday that, barring any unforeseen technical difficulties, a new title and registration system for the Motor Vehicle Division will be brought up throughout the state next week.

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