For Businesses

From investigating bid rigging to walking you through the process of registering or licensing certain businesses, the Office of Consumer Protection doesn’t just work for consumers.

In Montana, small businesses are consumers, too. Our office works for you. We enforce Montana’s laws and rules related to:

  • consumer protection – preventing unfair and deceptive conduct towards consumers
  • antitrust – bid rigging, price fixing and monopoly abuses
  • telemarketing – registration and do-not-call lists
  • the Personal Solicitation Sales Act – regulation of door-to-door sales
  • other issues such as credit counseling, gift certificates, home inspectors and Montana’s Lemon Law

Additionally, this office licenses debt management companies and registers debt settlement companies. Please see this page or contact our office for more information on these processes.

File a Consumer Complaint

Small businesses are consumers, too. If you feel you have been the victim of consumer fraud — even if you are a small business — please file a complaint with our office. The the quickest way to file a consumer complaint is through our website. Click here to file. You may also file a complaint by mail. Start by downloading the form here. We have a lot more information about the consumer complaint process here.

Businesses wishing to advertise or do business in Montana are strongly encouraged to read the chapter of the Administrative Rules of Montana that relates to the Consumer Protection Act.