POST Council Members

The Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council is a quasi-judicial board

authorized by Section 2-15-2029 of the Montana Code Annotated.

2010-2014 Long Range Operational Plan

The Council is responsible for establishing basic and advanced qualification and training standards

for employment of Montana’s public safety officers, as defined in MCA 44-4-401.

In addition, the Council:

  • conducts and approves training
  • provides for the certification and re-certification of public safety officers
  • is responsible for the suspension or revocation of certification of public safety officers

Council Members

The Council is to be made up of 13 members appointed by the Governor in accordance with MCA 44-4-402.

A list of specific Council Committees
is also available.

Representing City Contact Info Term Expires
Tony Harbaugh, Chair Sheriff Miles City 01/01/2017
Bill Dial Montana Board of Crime Control Whitefish 01/01/2015
Mike Batista Department of Corrections Helena 01/01/2017
Jesse Slaughter
Local Law Enforcement Great Falls 01/01/2015
James Cashell Montana Board of Crime Control Bozeman 01/01/2017
Tia Robbin Public Representative Kalispell 01/01/2015
Georgette Hogan-Boggio County Attorney Hardin 01/01/2015
James Smith Chief of Police Libby 01/01/2015
Jim Thomas Public Representative Canyon Creek 01/01/2017
Laurel Bulson Detention Centers Helena 01/01/2017
Kimberly Burdick Public Representative Fort Benton 01/01/2017
Lewis Matthews Tribal law Enforcement Wolf Point 01/01/2015
John Strandell State Government Law Enforcement Helena 01/01/2017